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Ensure your network based infrastructure runs smoothly without exposing your organization to security vulnerabilities.

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Turn Your Device Data into a Powerful Resource

Medigate puts “clinical intelligence” into its security platform so IT, IS, and biomed can truly understand what’s on the network, where it’s coming from, and what it’s doing. Clinical context gives you an advantage, enabling the accurate identification of anomalous behavior, communications and traffic patterns and the development of effective policies. Comprehensive device profiles enable you to establish additional security filters to quickly shut down segments of the network when needed and manage device lifecycles more effectively.

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Align Users and the Business Around Connected Devices

Device Discovery (DPI)

The success of your security strategy depends on your ability to know for certain what is on your network, each device down to the most granular detail.

Communications/ Behavioral Profiles

We device ‘baselines’ based on intended use and clinical workflows then generate policies (ACLs) for effective detection of suspicious communications and prevention of attacks.

Risk & Threat Analysis

Our comprehensive method of calculating risk scores is enhanced with insights from published industry best practices, government guidelines, leading medical device manufacturers and healthcare customers.

Device Utilization

We uniquely extract device utilization data and automatically export it into your CMMS platform, making it easily accessible for preventative maintenance processes and making actionable decisions.

About Pinochle
About Pinochle