Cyber Pinochle (Resilience)!

The ability to continuously defend and deliver the intended business outcomes despite adverse cyber events.


What It Is?

A “bend but don’t break” approach to securing the enterprise that combine the disciplines of cyber security, business continuity and enterprise resilience.

Why It Matters?

A cyber resilient business is able to operate while under persistant threats and sophisticated attack, enabling them to embrace disruption safely, strengthen customer trust and boost shareholder value.

Where It’s Going

A cyber resilient business will elevate the role of security in the organization, require leaders to communicate its importance and manage its application, and ensure all employees take particpation in its success.


The scale and scope of recent breaches have made security top of mind for the C-suite and boards of directors around the globe. Cyber security posture and cyber defense capabilities are at the forefront of business resilience and brand trust. Lost reputation is the number one consequence experienced by companies, with most companies saying loss of reputation, brand value and marketplace image were the biggest impacts of a data breach. Costs relating to security breaches are also extensive. The average time to contain a cyber attack is 30+ days, with an average cost ranging from $500K to $500 million or more.


Enabling Intelligent Cybersecurity

Traditional monitoring defenses are inadequate. Organizations must use advanced techniques to identify and contextualize threats. Security is a top business priority for high performance companies, and it’s aligned with the organization’s strategic goals. This is evidenced by a focus on innovation to achieve a strong security posture, open communication with the CEO and corporate boards on security incidents, and deployment of enterprise risk management procedures.

Enabling intelligent cybersecurity


We employ breakthrough innovations to prevent or disarm those schemes, including:

  • Advanced cyber analytics and user behavior analytics to help identify unusual activity
  • AI and machine learning to capture expertise and spread it throughout the organization
  • Blockchain to shore up security in your supply chain by enabling you to monitor goods in transit and analyze suspicious transactions
  • Advanced identity and access management think two-step authentication and biometrics to make it harder for the attackers to impersonate authorized personnel
We employ breakthrough innovations to prevent or disarm those schemes

Nature is inherently designed for resilience and we believe it’s time for organizations to take a similar approach to security. This requires a move from a posture of cybersecurity to one of Cyber Pinochle (Resilience).

Cyber Pinochle (Resilience)

The ability to continuously deliver the intended outcome despite adverse cyber events.