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Pinochle is an Enterprise Security Software Company.

Pinochle’ Garud.AI is a self-learning technology. Like the human immune system, it learns ‘on the job’ and develops antifragility by design, building a system that makes billions of probability-based calculations to reduce an enterprises shadow risk.

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What Drives us

It's time to fundamentally rethink security. Cloud-native apps and microservices require modern application security that traces, learns, and protects application activity from user to API to code. Organizations moving to the cloud face new risks – from compromised credentials and malicious insiders, to simple misconfigurations exposing sensitive data.

While traditional defenses in this area introduce new forms of complexity and fail to spot subtle attacks, Garud.AI Cyber AI platform delivers unified and seamless coverage that discovers, interrupts, and investigates threats in the cloud that other tools miss.

Self-Learning Cyber AI

Self-Learning Cyber AI

  • Detects what others miss
  • Responds in seconds
  • Interprets and visualizes

100% visualization and intelligent investigation support. Garud.AI automatically investigates suspicious events on your behalf and produces executive-friendly reports in a matter of seconds — saving you time. All your environments are visualized in our award-winning Threat Visualizer interface.

Learning On the Job

Learning 'On the Job'

The Enterprise Immune System uses unsupervised machine learning and AI to understand all about your organization. Observing your users and devices, cloud containers and workflows, it learns 'on the job' what is normal for your organization.

Unlike traditional approaches that rely on blacklists, rules and signatures, the immune system approach learns from your data — forming a bespoke and evolving understanding of your digital environments. This unique approach enables Darktrace to detect the most sophisticated and stealthy cyber-threats that other tools miss.

Whether a new strain of ransomware or an emerging insider attack, the Enterprise Immune System detects the threat at its earliest stages.


Key Features


Self-learning detection

Learns 'on the job' and adapts continuously


Automated analysis

AI Analyst generates threat reports in seconds


100% visibility

Protects cloud, SaaS, email, OT and on-prem


Fast install

No manual configuration

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